The years between primary and secondary school (years 6 – 7) are a critical time of change in a child’s life and can be tricky for some students. 

And it doesn’t matter if you’re 11 years old or 111 years old, change can be scary. A Life Ed study of 444 transitioning students across 15 schools in 2021 found many were feeling unprepared and scared about the move to secondary school. The report found the fear of change was actually an underlying fear of the unknown. 

Like turning on a light for someone who’s afraid of the dark, teachers and parents can empower children by simply addressing the Giraffe in the room.

Setting aside time early in the transition years to find out what kids know, don’t know and think they know about secondary school, can address any misconceptions, concerns and expectations head on.  

With a few key areas of preparation and ongoing support focusing on academic schoolwork, managing the new school environment, social challenges and self-management, parents and teachers can successfully guide their children, equipping them with the survival skills, expert knowledge and creative inspiration to confidently thrive in Year 7 and beyond. 

Life Education Qld Guide To Thrive Transition

At Life Ed we are creating a change toolkit called the “Guide To Thrive” that will make things simple for your students. Teachers will be able to download and implement the resources into their program learning. Resources will be available on our website from June so complete the online form and register your interest today. 


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Information sheet for parents and teachers Play a crucial role in helping students transition into Year 7, start the conversation today.

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